Sleeptalk® Shortcut session (Phase 1 )



Ideal for professional families.

So you’ve heard about the enormous benefits behind the Goulding Process – Sleeptalk®, you understand the benefits and peace it brings to families & want to begin immediately but you both are incredibly short on time. Then this shortcut is for you.

This is a special blended consultation that is all about saving and using your available time. The process begins with an empowering  45 minute webinar presentation outlining the basic underpinning knowledge of the process, then a 90 minute professional online consultation targeting your individual details and needs, at a time of your choosing.

Paperwork & Administration requirements are sent to you prior to your session to ensure that we use the time efficiently. This allows busy or frantic parents to get fully informed, empowered & get started immediately. (Further follow up sessions or Phase 2 assistance are arrange only when required or requested )