Brand New Innovation for Parents “Live Streaming” Video Tutorials

Online Video Tutorials for Parents

Learn the Goulding Process – SleepTalk ®  fast with Online Video Tutorials!

Even the busiest of parents can take advantage of our brand new streaming “Phase 1” Video tutorials.

Better yet.

Learning this highly successful Goulding Process – SleepTalk® immediately from the comfort of your own setting & times that are convenient to you from Joane Goulding, our amazing founding director, herself.


Joane  developed the Sleeptalk protocol almost 40 years ago to assist her daughter Michelle. 

She is an engaging  speaker & trainer who has taught the Goulding Process – SleepTalk® around the world. In 2016 Joane was awarded the International Clinical hypnosis Hall of Fame Award by IACT in the USA.

Joane seldom trains now as she has over a dozen fully qualified trainers around the world that continue to empower others with this amazing process.

What does this mean for you ?

Both parents can then proceed confidently & be empowered to start the Phase 1 Process immediately, learning direct  from Joane Goulding herself as she instructs a class of future SleepTalk® Consultants.

These specially designed video tutorials are the perfect solution for both BUSY  parents  & the convenience of streaming the sessions or reviewed individual videos as necessary allows parents to gain a greater understanding of the process. There is no limit to getting improved results thereby allowing parents to become more effective over time.

These video tutorials provided comprehensive explanations and allows the parents to discover first hand workshop discussions, techniques and  the “Foundation” Phase 1, with the theory presented in a candid online training setting.

We reveal the core of Joane’s SleepTalk® process,  this process is clearly unrivaled to date at pre-flourishing hundreds if not thousands of young sleeping minds with forthright higher esteems for adulthood.

This Step by Step Process helps ALL children (2 – 16 yrs)

Phase 1  The Foundation


  • self esteem & happiness,
  • general anxiety
  • self confidence & shyness.

Empowered parents can utilise the Goulding (Phase 1) SleepTalk® process again and again, reaching the child’s subconscious pathway in just 2-3 minutes during consecutive periods of sleep. This adds to your family peace, harmony & happiness over a lifetime.


In the future,

or for more challenging circumstances, you may choose to utilise the services of  a Fully Accredited SleepTalk® Consultant for specific & more advance techniques with Phase 2 & Phase 3 stages.


Phase 2  The Bridge

Correctingsleeptalk offers successful future

  • poor habits & challenges,
  • separation anxiety,
  • sibling rivalry &
  • temper tantrums.

Phase 3 The Specific


  • Major behavioural issues,
  • anger, fear or anxiety challenges,
  • OCD, ADHD, ODD disorders,
  • overall health & development issues &
  • toiletry, speech, eating or sleeping issues.

In the future or for more challenging circumstances, you may choose to utilise the services of an accredited SleepTalk® consultants from around the world  for the specific & more advance techniques with Phase 2 & Phase 3 stages. Contact our team today 

Please note, only Accredited SleepTalk® Trainers, Professional Interns & Consultants will clearly feature the authentic  “The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®  “logos & be listed on the Goulding Institute’s International Register.


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