The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® Consulting Phase 1, 2 & 3.

Take the first step to the SleepTalk solution.

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The Goulding Process-SleepTalk® is a valuable resource that has helped thousand of families world wide with a myriad of childhood & family dysfunction issues.

Now parents can take advantage of stress free & accessible consulting services from Kerre Burley, no matter where they live in the world utilising technology and online platforms

From our highly sought after “Shortcut or one off sessions” to our comprehensive “Platinum Parenting Packages”  Kerre’s consultations are convenient, affordable & very accessible.

The step by step protocol proves  invaluable for busy professional parents. (Maintenance or Refresher Packages are also available for previous SleepTalk® Parents.)

(Check out below further information on each product.

Parents, want to get started immediately?

The Goulding Process – SleepTalk® Training


The Goulding Process – SleepTalk®

            works with children from babies to teenagers. (0 – 14yrs)

Parents deliver specific statements to children whilst they are asleep. It’s as easy as ABC, the 3 phase protocol takes just 2- 5 minutes every night & it assist  children to:

  • Feel happier, more contented & empowered.
  • Create lasting friendships & social connections.
  • Overcome eating disorders.
  • Improve communication & focus.
  • Improve sleeping disorders.
  • Overcome fears & phobias.
  • Stop bed-wetting & toiletry issues.
  • Stops nail biting or stress
  • Addesses personality disorders
  • Asperger’s or autism,
  • Bullying or emotional outbursts,
  • speech impediments & disorders,
  • hearing problems
  • tantrums & many many more.


Single Sessions?

Single Sleeptalk® Consultations Only USD $220

These single sessions are available online & provide ***”informed” parents with assistance with the implementation of both the Phase 1 – The Foundation or the Phase 2 – The Bridge  statements.

Parents are required to fill in both an application form, a “WWAN” document prior to this scheduled session, with further follow up sessions arranged only when required.

 It is assumed Informed  parents that have purchased &  have a prior underpinning knowledge of the SleepTalk® process from completing either the Video Tutorial program or The Golding Process EBook or Workbook Resources.

Please note, we do not recommend this single sessions for families that are new to the Goulding Process -SleepTalk® 


Ideal Sleeptalk® Shortcut session (Phase 1 ) for families…

Only USD $299

So you’ve heard about the enormous benefits behind the Goulding Process – Sleeptalk®. You understand the benefits and peace it brings to families & want to begin immediately but you both are incredibly short on time.

Then this shortcut is for you. This is a special blended consultation that is all about saving & utilizing your available time.

The process begins with an empowering 30 to 45 minute webinar presentation outlining the basic underpinning knowledge of the process, then a 30 – 45 minute professional online consultation targeting your individual details & Phase One  of the protocol. needs.

Paperwork & Administration requirements are sent to you prior to your session to ensure that we utilise the time efficiently. This allows busy or frantic parents to get fully informed, empowered & get started with the program immediately. (Further follow up sessions or Phase 2 & 3 assistance is arranged at a later date and  only when required or requested.

Simply SleepTalk® Packages

Simply SleepTalk® Phase 1, 2 & 3  USD $900

This is an ideal start for parents who are completely new to the The Goulding Process- SleepTalk® .

This protocol spans about four to six months in duration, with all families starting from  the foundation process -Phase 1, moving onto Phase 2 when required a & addressing a specific need in Phase 3 .

No matter what assistance is required either challenging & unacceptable behaviours to building your children self image &  attitude to life. The process is a proven solution for parents.

This Package includes

  • The Initial Consultation, (Approx 2 hours)
  • Two additional Phase 2 & 3  Consultations
  • Fortnightly feedback Phone  (Skype/Zoom) contact
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • The Final SleepTalk® Analysis Session

Simply SleepTalk®  Phase 2 & 3  USD $450

Wow, parents from all over the world,  report to us of the amazing changes that occur as a result of  delivering Phase 1. After just a few weeks of the foundation statements parents note the  positive feedback,  improvements & changes that start to occur throughout the family unit.

So now. its time to correct & address more serious issues or habits, working with your Accredited Sleeptalk Consultant, specific individual statements are developed & put into the process. This is normally a 3- 4 months process.

  • SleepTalk’s Initial WWAN Consultation (approx 2 hours)
  • Two additional Phase 2 & 3 Specific Consultations
  • Fortnightly feedback Skype/Zoom contact
  • Unlimited Email Access

Check out the amazing, brand new Video Tutorials for Parents.

Second thoughts – If your one of those parents, who would prefer learning our process in your own time, I get it.

Consider our amazing online video tutorials option. Quality coaching from the founding director, Joane Goulding herself. This amazing package hosts over 19 videos covering the complete Level 1 process.It is tailor made for busy professional couples who can utilise the convenience & ease of digital streaming, at just USD $380 , its an excellent and affordable way to get started. Pop over and have a look.